Fantomas Bohemia Platina


I open this chapter as a warning for others to be careful when buying a pet from a kennel club. Sometimes it';s not  a guarantee that the pet will be really healthy. Whether it is a dog, a cat, or another pet, check your breeder very well and ask other people, breeders, what experience they have with a given kennel. At the same time, make sure that the breed has a paper about a predisposition for diseases, what tests are required and whether the parents are tested ... inform by your breeders  How many dogs has and ask to see what your future family member comes from. Caution is never enough. Trust me. Anything can happen, you buy a living creature,  which you will be responsible for all of your life. You should never forget the BASIS: to check, to ask, to ask for tests, and especially to leave with a right Purchase Agreement! Every good breeders will be happy to show you their place where have their breeds, to show you tests, they have nothing to hide before you.
this is my own story, where I like breeder burned myself with other breeder, this happened when you lost your cautious.
It is a very painful story for me that I will never forgive.


Rest in peace, our angel! 

..In loving memory of Fantomas Bohemia Platina alias. Merlinko



I approached the breeder Mrs. Ingrid Dedkova because I knew her from the cat show. We spoke about cats and her dogs before and she was first breeder who I remembered, because she presents herself as an excellent breeder. I was looking for a puppy - female for my mom.. My mom had a dog, which died two years ago and now finally she is ready to have another dog. She asked me to find for her a girl, a little girl who will not remind to her of the loss and also her previous bad experience. We wrote with the breeder through messenger on fb. She wrote to me that she did  not have any puppies at the moment, but she suggested to us, because she already knew us that she had a very nice male dog Merlin, year-old with a complete habits and she was looking home for a little dog. she did not want to give the dog to anyone but the dog was already mannered and she knew his character, that she was writing to us with this offer. The price would be special just for us 500 euros. After the castration we could take him home. My mom and I liked that offer, was 17.2.2019. The next day I called with the breeder, we talked about the next procedure and we agreed that Merlin will be castrated by my vet. I believe him, he is an experienced expert and it is a lot easier.


We agreed that 4 march we will take dog. My mom took dayoff from work and we went. When we arrived before her house, Mrs. breeder welcomed us, she was very nice, but we stayed on the porch. Next to the porch was a room where she had a beautiful glass cup. Our dog was waiting for us in that room in the inclose. he was pretty poor and had a diaper. It was weird, but he had to have it, because her females were heat cycle and then he marked (it came to me logical, it made sense) Suddenly I was wondering that I did not see or hear any other dogs. I asked her where the other dogs are?. She said, back in the house.I asked her Can you show me them, please? She said sure, but She still didn';;t let us go in to the house, she just brought two york and two pomerians to show to us. Then I did not care more because I hold Merlin in my hands and he immediately laid down to my hold and I felt that I had to protect him. We left after two hours. I repeat, she was very nice, but sometimes I was wondering that she talked more about cats and experiences than a little dog. She asked me to be fast with the castration as soon as possible, and then when the dog will be in an anesthesia, we should ask the vet to pull out the baby tooth what had left. OK.  the way to home was 3 hours and our new dow was sitting on my moms knees and watching at me.I was driving, but every time I could, I stroked him and said to him, would be fine.



It was Monday 4.3., The date for castration we got on Friday 8.3. I had a dog at home that night to watched his last meal before the procedure. Merlinko slept on my chest all night. All the time He was so calm and still chained at me, but sometimes he shaked too much ; I was nice and kind to him, whenever I could sit with him and hug him. I understood he was still in shock from the whole change. I took him to vet in the morning. About 14.30, my veterinarian called to me that he was very sorry that the dog was in artificial sleep, because he immediately collapsed after the anesthesia and actually he did not get to the surgery because they immediately began to revive him. After 15 minutes, they did well, the dog jumped, but did not respond to anything ... I was in shock, crying, I called Mrs. Dedkova, hoping to calm me down, because she has these kind of dogs, she has experiences and she can explain me what it all means ... today I know what it means ... but in that shock I just heard the words and didn';t understand meaning. Mrs Dedkova started yelling at me that, we in Slovakia can do this, that she knew she was not supposed to give it to anyone. I begged her not to yell at me, let me try to explain what';s going on .. I cried. I asked her if my veterinarian could call her and he would explain it to her, and then he would tell me what was going on. When she called me again, she was calmer, but she didn';t know what to tell to me, it hurted her too and she can not talk about it now. the end. We talked about dog at home, Vet. team and I constantly spoke together. My veterinarian was looking, calling for special veterinarians, neurologists and others ... He repeated to me that he has never had a dog who collapsed after he has given such a bit dose of anesthesia ... He is an expert, he heals small dogs every day. At our clinic I saw them many times, after the caesarean section, teeth extraction ... it was always ok. The Doctor has a very good name and I know him many years. I was calmer myself by putting Merlin in his hands. I do not believe that he would fail, how the breeder was accusing him. With all the effort, the dog passed away after 20:00 in the evening.


On Monday morning, I took him to an autopsy. I needed to know what happened. When I played everything back whats happened in the last days. I didn';;t see where and how Merlinko lived, I did not have a contract yet, because "it';s up to us{spoken agreement between breeder and me}, but we did not have to put it on paper, because we know each other very well" (How I could get by that breeder), I did not see dogs family tree and I don';;t have it yet because she will give me everything after a castration and I have only a passport, but dogs number and chips number I can not find anywhere. No records. Everyone (two pathologists and the entire vet team in our clinic) asked me how old was my dog?, because they have never seen that bad teeth on such a young dog ... Photo teeth, I attach. By the way, the passport is listed under the name Fantomas Bohemia Platina, but the lady called him Merlin, because he calls everyone Merlin, she did not want to be wrong with names of other dogs. (quite logical).

I contacted Dedkova again on Monday 11.3. I was sad but polite. I wanted to understand. I wrote to her, even he didn';t ask me about the dog, dog passed away. And it would be very nice to send me a dogs family tree. Her reaction was, for what do you need paper now?. I wanted to know what I bought because we haven';t seen it before, and we couldn';t find a dog in the database by chip. From that shock, I started to doubt whether he was from the kennel. Two days ago she sent me a photo in my report where the dogs family tree is visible, but I still do not have it.

I have a autopsy result at home a week. We have waited histological examination for pretty long. Nothing specifically comes out of the autopsy, we just suspect the rapid collapse, the heart. It was the size of the border, it wasn';t right for the left ventricle of the heart ... I am still waiting for the comments of the impartial other veterinarians In the meantime, I heard that that breeder Mrs Dedkova has very bad name between other breeders. People [ other breeders with cat Ragdollov or York dog breeder] wrote to me their bad experiences with Mrs Dedkova. 

I know that the life will not return to my dog, I write it because I was surprised by the behavior of the breeder. In any case, she does not feel that she is behaving incorrectly. But I do. If it happened to me, I would feel terrible. It is terrible that the animal from my kennel club lived in the new family just a few days, then I sent him to the surgery almost as soon as dog arrived in a new home, when he was still in stress ... that it no longer lives ... something is not correct ... Dog was not a year, as Mrs. Dedková wrote, but a year and half. he did not have good habit, he was pissing in our house everywhere. He was poor and shaked. I have a lot of questions: Why was he a year and half at home? Why did she actually sell it? (I still didn';;t get the answer), why Did he has in such a bad condition his teeth? why didn';;t she put the dog to sleep and pull out the tooth? why was he cut? why did he have a diaper? why was he so scared? we are still calm ... if I know this all earlier, I would take him for examinations and arrange the treatment .. I wouldn';;t let this happen ... it';;s a terrible pain ... black ... I still see him ... and my mom ...?  for her it was an incredible blow .. the nearest and the dog were hurting by me, because I did not know him ... I did not know ...



  ... After all, attacked on me, on my person, on my vet, whom she called, threatened to him that she will destroye his name. Good, serious breeders are not like Mrs Dedkova....




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