Cattery de Venorti *Sk

We are foremost small family cattery of British Shorthair Black Classic Silver Tabby and Spotted.

 We live in the small village near the capital city of the small country named Slovakia which is heart of Europe.

A name of our cattery  de Venorti was registered in Fife on date 1.4.2015 .



 Our British cats are part of our family we share our home and every part of our lives with them. All of our cats live

with us in our big house.  Our cats are first and foremost pets and showing and breeding comes after their wellbeing.

The health and comfort of our cats is very important to us and all of  our cats are tested regulary. All are PKD, FeLV

and FIV negative. 

We are only small hobby breeders so don ´t have kittens all year round.

For more questions about our kittens please contact us on


My goals as a breeder is to produce really superior British with big strong body,  perfect coat texture, big round head

and with small nose, small ears and beautiful rounded green eyes and charming friendly character. 




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